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FGB Watches

in Schiltigheim

Découvrez chez FGB Watches, un univers dédié aux montres de luxe, offrant des services complets d'achat et de vente. Nous vous proposons une sélection méticuleuse de montres d'occasion, vintages, automatiques et manuelles, assurant ainsi des acquisitions de qualité supérieure.

Faites confiance à notre expertise pour enrichir votre collection avec des pièces uniques et raffinées.






Montre de luxe 


Montre vintage


Montre d'occasion

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Your trusted partner for buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches

FGB Watches brings unrivaled expertise in the buying and selling of luxury watches to Schiltigheim, offering tailor-made services that precisely meet your expectations.

We offer you individual consultations in Schiltigheim, supporting you in a personalized manner in the purchase or sale of second-hand watches. Our in-home service is designed to provide maximum convenience, allowing you to make informed choices in the secure environment of your home.

Our commitment is to simplify every step of your experience with us, guaranteeing unfailing discretion and professionalism. Although our headquarters are in Strasbourg, our determination to serve the residents of Schiltigheim and the entire region with exceptional quality of service is a testament to our passion for excellence and attention to detail.

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FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim

Excellence and expertise in watchmaking

in Schiltigheim

FGB Watches is at your service in Schiltigheim for all needs in the purchase, sale and restoration of luxury watches.

Understanding the sentimental value and prestige of each watch is at the heart of our approach, which is why we offer you a full range of services to meet all your watchmaking requirements.

Whether you want to enrich your collection with unique pieces or renovate a precious timepiece, our expertise is at your complete disposal. We give each watch meticulous care and attention, ensuring a restoration that respects its authenticity and history.

We look forward to meeting you in Schiltigheim to offer you our personalized support.

Customer satisfaction above all

The satisfaction of our Schiltigheim customers is paramount for FGB Watches.

Our enthusiasm for luxury watches drives us to offer high-end services, designed to exceed your expectations.

Positive feedback from our customers is proof of our commitment to providing a reliable and transparent experience.

We are dedicated to maintaining that trust every day, making FGB Watches your go-to for buying, selling, and restoring luxury watches in Schiltigheim

FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim


Schiltigheim, nicknamed the "city of brewers", is located just north of Strasbourg and is famous for its rich and vibrant brewing heritage.

This vibrant city skillfully combines tradition and modernity, home to both old breweries and innovative tech companies.

Schiltigheim stands out for its lively cultural life, with events such as the craft beer festival, which celebrates its unique heritage, and a varied offering of arts and entertainment.

The city also benefits from parks and green spaces, offering relaxation areas in the urban heart. With its proximity to Strasbourg, Schiltigheim offers an attractive mix of urban living and close-knit community, making it a sought-after place to live in the region.

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