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FGB Watches

in Strasbourg

Bienvenue chez FGB Watches , votre partenaire privilégié dans l'univers des montres de luxe. Que vous cherchiez à acheter ou vendre, nos services s'étendent à tous les aspects de l'horlogerie, avec une attention particulière pour les montres d'occasion, vintages, automatiques et manuelles.

Chaque montre dans notre collection est soigneusement choisie pour sa qualité et son histoire, garantissant ainsi que chaque acquisition ou vente est aussi satisfaisante qu'exceptionnelle. Découvrez notre engagement pour l'excellence et la passion pour l'horlogerie à chaque interaction.






Montre de luxe 


Montre vintage


Montre d'occasion

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Your trusted partner for buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches

At FGB Watches in Strasbourg, we make buying and selling luxury watches simple and accessible.

Listening to your needs, we offer personalized meetings in your city to buy or sell your used watch.

Our home service, designed for your comfort, allows you to make decisions with complete peace of mind, in a familiar environment.

We are here to facilitate every step of your experience with discretion and professionalism.

Based in Strasbourg, in Alsace, we are committed to serving our customers throughout the region with the same rigor and attention to detail.

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FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim

Excellence and expertise in watchmaking

in Strasbourg

FGB Watches is not only your advisor in the purchase and resale of luxury watches, but also your craftsman in watch restoration.

We understand the sentimental value and prestige of each watch, which is why we offer a comprehensive service to meet all your needs.

Whether you are looking to enrich your collection with renowned pieces or to give a second life to your favorite timepiece, our expertise is at your disposal.

We care for each watch as if it were our own, ensuring a restoration faithful to the excellence of its original design.

We will therefore be happy to travel to Strasbourg to meet you.

Customer satisfaction above all

The vision of FGB Watches is simple: to fully satisfy our customers.

We are passionate about luxury watches and determined to provide quality services that meet your expectations.

Our customers' positive reviews are proof of our commitment to providing reliable and honest service.

We strive every day to maintain that trust by being your preferred choice for buying, selling and restoring luxury watches.

FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim


Strasbourg, the European and historic capital of Alsace, is distinguished by its rich cultural and architectural heritage. Its city center, listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, is famous for its majestic Notre-Dame Cathedral, a jewel of Gothic art.

The city is a crossroads of cultures and histories, reflected by its European Quarter and its vibrant cultural life. The picturesque canals of Petite France add to Strasbourg's unique charm, offering a romantic atmosphere with its half-timbered houses and cobblestone streets.

Strasbourg is also known for its Christmas market, one of the oldest and most magical in Europe.

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