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FGB Watches

in Wittelsheim

Bienvenue chez FGB Watches, votre référence pour l'achat et la vente de montres de luxe. Que ce soit des montres d'occasion, vintages, automatiques ou manuelles, notre sélection est conçue pour répondre aux attentes des connaisseurs les plus exigeants.

Vivez une expérience unique grâce à notre expertise et notre passion pour des montres qui ont une âme et une histoire à raconter.






Montre de luxe 


Montre vintage


Montre d'occasion

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Your trusted partner for buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches

At FGB Watches we offer a tailor-made experience for buying and selling luxury watches in Wittelsheim. We favor a personalized approach, organizing individual meetings in Wittelsheim to guide you in the purchase or sale of your second-hand watch.

Our home service is designed to ensure your comfort, allowing you to make decisions with complete peace of mind in a familiar setting. We are committed to making every step of your experience as smooth as possible, with the discretion and professionalism that characterizes us.

Based in Strasbourg, we are determined to provide residents of Wittelsheim and the whole of Alsace with exemplary service, marked by our attention to detail and our passion for excellence.

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FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim

Excellence and expertise in watchmaking

in Wittelsheim

FGB Watches is your expert in luxury watch restoration, as well as buying and selling advice, in Wittelsheim.

We recognize the sentimental importance and prestige of each watch, offering a range of services to fully meet your needs.

Whether you want to expand your collection with exceptional pieces or restore a timepiece dear to your heart, our expertise is at your disposal. Each watch receives careful treatment from us, guaranteeing a restoration that honors its original design.

We enthusiastically come to Wittelsheim to meet your requirements.

Customer satisfaction above all

The full satisfaction of our customers is the main objective at FGB Watches. Our passion for luxury watches drives us to offer superior quality services, aiming to exceed your expectations.

Positive testimonials from our customers highlight our dedication to providing reliable and transparent service.

We invest daily to maintain this trust, making FGB Watches your reference for the purchase, sale, and restoration of luxury watches in Wittelsheim.

FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim


Wittelsheim, located in the Haut-Rhin department in Alsace, is a town that combines industrial dynamism and natural wealth.

Surrounded by the varied landscapes of the region, ranging from gentle hills to vast forests, Wittelsheim is characterized by its mining heritage, testimony to its industrial history. The city has transformed over the years, integrating green spaces and leisure areas for the well-being of its residents.

Wittelsheim also stands out for its active associative and cultural life, offering events and activities that enrich community life. Its proximity to Mulhouse makes it an attractive place to live for those looking for a balance between professional life and access to nature.

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