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FGB Watches

in Bischheim

Découvrez l'excellence en horlogerie chez FGB Watches, votre conseiller de confiance pour l'achat et la vente de montres de luxe. Nous offrons une sélection exquise de montres d'occasion, vintages, automatiques, et manuelles, chacune ayant passé un contrôle rigoureux pour assurer la meilleure qualité.

Notre passion pour l'horlogerie est reflétée dans chaque montre que nous proposons.






Montre de luxe 


Montre vintage


Montre d'occasion

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Your trusted partner for buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches

FGB Watches offers Bischheim an exceptional experience in buying and selling luxury watches, with personalized service designed to meet your specific expectations.

We organize individual meetings in Bischheim to support you in the purchase or sale of second-hand watches, with an emphasis on attentive listening and a deep understanding of your needs.

Our home service is developed to provide maximum peace of mind, allowing you to make informed choices from the comfort of your home. Our commitment is to facilitate your experience with us every step of the way, offering discretion and professional expertise.

Based in Strasbourg, we are proud to serve residents of Bischheim and the entire region, providing a quality of service that demonstrates our passion for excellence and attention to detail.

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FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim

Excellence and expertise in watchmaking

in Bischheim

In Bischheim, FGB Watches is your trusted specialist for the purchase, sale and restoration of luxury watches. Aware of the emotional value and prestige of each piece, we offer you a complete range of services to meet all your watchmaking desires. Whether you want to enrich your collection with renowned watches or refurbish a watch that is dear to you, our expertise is at your complete disposal.

We approach each restoration project with particular care and attention, ensuring that each watch is respected and restored in accordance with its original history and value. We are happy to come to Bischheim to offer you our personalized support.

Customer satisfaction above all

The satisfaction of our customers in Bischheim is a priority at FGB Watches.

Our passion for luxury watches inspires us to provide you with the highest quality services, designed to exceed your expectations. Positive customer feedback demonstrates our dedication to providing a transparent and trustworthy experience.

We are committed to building that trust every day, establishing FGB Watches as your go-to for buying, selling and restoring luxury watches in Bischheim.

FGB Watches le spécialiste en achat et vente de montres de luxe | Montres Vintage |  Alsace | Strasbourg | Colmar | Ribeauvillé | Mulhouse| Schilitgheim


Bischheim, located north of Strasbourg, is a town which offers a pleasant living environment, harmoniously combining green spaces and urban facilities.

Known for its dynamism and its proximity to the Alsatian capital, Bischheim benefits from direct access to metropolitan infrastructure while preserving a peaceful environment for its residents.

The town is crossed by the Marne-Rhine Canal, adding to its charm with walks along the banks which are popular with locals and visitors alike. Bischheim stands out for its commitment to sustainable development and the promotion of its historical and cultural heritage.

With its sports and cultural facilities, it offers a rich and varied community life, reflecting the vitality of its community. Bischheim is thus a town where life is good, offering a balanced quality of life close to major centers of activity.

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